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Private Party Cars has been successfully helping people sell their vehicles for over thirty years. Our record is outstanding! About 50+ cars sell here each month. Over 90% of the cars we list do sell, and around 45% sell within 10 days. But we have to say that other car sales and past performance never can guarantee when you sell. Our location is in a fantastic high-traffic area at the intersection of Mill St. & Interstate 395 (580). There are no salespeople on our lot to pressure buyers in any way. This is why buyers love shopping here. We do not earn a commission on any vehicle so both you and your buyer can usually save thousands at Private Party Cars. In this economy, dealers and consignment shops are not the only ones trying to take advantage of your situation. When you are trying to sell your vehicle on craigslist there are those who have ways to get your hard earned cash - they are known as "Scammers." We are here in your corner to help you avoid bad experiences and unnecessary losses.

Our Advertising Success!

Our Advertising Success!Our best advertising is our long-standing reputation, over 30 years, for serving the Reno community with honesty and professionalism. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. This is a win-win situation. Our display lot and your car are physically advertised to over 26,000 people who drive by daily on Mill Street, in addition to the freeway exposure. Hundreds of those potential buyers walk through our lot every day to see the new arrivals that come in daily and then compete with each other to buy your vehicle. Another advertising method is our Waiting List. When a car comes in that they are interested in, we call them immediately. This is why we have so many cars that sell within 10 days.

We Are Here To Help!

We Are Here To Help!Used Cars are currently hot commodities in the Reno marketplace as well as nationwide. The best way to Get Top Dollar for your vehicle is to sell it For Sale by Owner. Unfortunately this typically involves strangers coming to your home to see your vehicle, which raises many safety concerns. Private Party Cars offers a better alternative: a professional, safe, and highly visible location to Showcase Your Vehicle. Our process is simple: We Rent You a Space on our lot to Showcase Your Vehicle. Our lot is located at the intersection of Mill St. & Interstate 395 (580), the 2nd busiest intersection in Reno, (Kitty Corner from the Grand Sierra Resort Casino). We appraise your vehicle to help you determine the marketplace value of your vehicle. Remember - when people compete with each other to buy your vehicle You Get Top Dollar and you will sell it Faster. Then sit back and the buyers will contact you directly when they are ready to purchase your vehicle.


We DO NOT charge a commission or a consignment fee - nor do we take a percentage of your sales price. We simply Rent You A Space which puts all the money in YOUR POCKET!

Buyers like our process because of the large selection of vehicles all displayed For Sale by Owner. There are no salespeople, no commissions, and the local vehicles on display, around 100 or so, offer a great value compared to vehicles on dealer lots and craigslist ads.

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