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Private Party Cars has been cutting out the middleman since 1982! Below are a few of the thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers.

Sold Car"Very professional and helpful staff. There process for selling my car was a stress free experience for me. Would highly recommend there services."
Bob S.

"I sold my Ford Diesel here, and have bought a Jeep off this display lot. I make this a weekly stop just to check out the new cars."
Hal Rolf - 1991 Ford P/U
Sold Car

Sold Car"I purchased my car at Private Party cars and was very please. I got a good price, a great car and I did not have to pay sales tax. The people at Private Party could not have been nicer, very happy."
Beth K.

"Private Party Cars was friendly and helpful and offered a great service for me."
Phil Goodrich - 1984 Dodge Van
Sold Car

Sold Car"We used Private Party Cars to sell our 5th Wheel Trailer. The staff at the lot were very helpful in getting the trailer located in its spot as well as in explaining how the process works. They were helpful in making sure I knew how to take care of all the paper work required by DMV when the trailer sold. They have a very effective process in taking pictures of the unit and posting them on their web site. This all resulted in out trailer being sold in just two weeks. I would recommend their services."
Richard B.

"I bought this Nissan here and now just sold it here. That makes 3 vehicles I have sold here."
Carole Hess - 1987 Nissan Pathfinder
Sold Car

Sold Car"As customers shopping for a car, we felt no pressure to come and look for a car on the lot. We felt very comfortable dealing with the owner. In fact, we made arrangements to leave our older car for display at Private Party Cars and it sold in 11 days."
Bruce & Jeanie Hendrix - 1994 Chevrolet Suburban

"I am glad we used this service. I will use your service again."
Glen Bradburn - 1993 Ford Ranger
Sold Car

Sold Car"I sold my truck in three days! I am very happy and will tell all of my friends."
Victor Nelson - 1992 Toyota P/U

"I am glad for the referral to display my car on this lot. IT WORKS!"
Gunne Rostrup - 1996 Audi A6 Quattro
Sold Car

Sold Car"Great experience with Rick. We requested information through their online system, which was easy to use. We received a phone call the next business day to discuss the car and Rick made some great preliminary estimates for us. After bringing the car down, he walked us through the process and we walked away approximately 15 minutes later. As a seller, we were pleased with their service. Thank you for helping us sell our car!"
Alex K.

"I sold my car on this site in a very satisfactory manner. the company president, Rick Gardner was extremely helpful in all aspects of finalizing the sale. I will definitely use private party cars again. A happy Customer."
Thad R.
Sold Car

Sold Car"This is my 4th car I have sold here. I recommend all of my friends here to Private Party Cars."
Bo Larson - 1996 Honda Accord

"I tried the newspaper with not one call. I brought it in here and sold it with in 9 days."
Kerry Schomer - 1995 Subaru Legacy
Sold Car

Sold Car"Highest compliment I can give is I would definitely use them again in the appropriate situation. The crew went above and beyond the call to assist me in getting a difficult vehicle sold! Good people, honest, hard-working and most importantly they get the job done!"
Chuck B.

"I just sold my Ford F150 at Private Party cars and it was amazing. Ric picked up my car Monday where I left it in the airport parking lot. Paperwork had been done on Sunday and they helped me with the appropriate listing and pricing. Two hours after I got off the plane in Seattle the prospective buyer had taken it for a test drive and he called me with an acceptable offer. This was the fourth sale I made through Private party and three times I profited over trading to the dealer. They are very professional, honest, and careful to function as a middleman to help make a tax free transaction occur within the laws of Nevada. Great people!"
John D.
Sold Car

Sold Car"I sold my Toyota Solara in 5 days. I sold it fast and the process was enjoyable."
Susan Anderson - 2002 Toyota Solara

"Thanks for a pleasant experience! I will send my friends here!"
John Price - 1996 Dodge Dakota
Sold Car

Sold Car"I've been looking for a used car for my teenage son. Private Party Cars is always my first choice when buying or selling a car. I have sold 3 cars here and I have been extrememly satisfied every time. Their website is easy to navigate and review various cars. The staff on the lot are polite and we were shown promptly to the car and allowed to test drive it that day with a staff member on board rather than having to arrange for the owner to accompany us for the test drive. I appreciate the advice from the staff on the items to consider when buying a used car, and they were helpful in completing the purchase agreement and title transactions. How nice to avoid some of the used car sales games and mark ups. How nice to avoid sales tax. I would highly recommend Private Party Cars to anyone interested in buying or selling a car!"
Paul S.

"The Team at Private Party Cars were so fair in determining a reasonable sale price due to blue book, market demand and respecting the seller's request. This strategy allows for a win-win for buyer & seller. The team here are so trustworthy and willing to make sure your car gets sold!!"
Teresa L.
Sold Car

Sold Car"I have never sold a car before. At Private Party Cars! Rick Gardner /Owner and Jesus went above and beyond in all aspects of the process . I would recommend their services to anyone seeking assistance in selling their vehicle privately. It is a pleasure to work with individuals who have integrity and a true desire to optimize their customer's satisfaction! I would recommend them highly! Thank you!"
Patricia P.

"This is the second truck we have sold here and we are very happy with the service."
Bonnie Beck - 1997 Dodge P/U
Sold Car

Sold Car"Great service and very easy to work with. My Honda sold in less than a week"
Bruce D.

"This business is something I will tell my friends about. Thanks Private Party Cars."
Sylvia Arzonian - 1999 Honda Civic
Sold Car

Sold Car"Just sold my Dodge truck on the Private Party Lot and had a great experience. All the guys there were very helpful, friendly and positive minded. I have purchased three vehicles there and have sold two. It's always fun to walk through the lot when I have a couple extra minutes and I have run into friends there doing the same thing. I strongly recommend Private Party Lot because of their excellent customer service and the outstanding location. In real estate we say It's a 100% location."
John D.

"I'm a car nut! I have bought and sold over 12 vehicles @ Private Party Cars for my sons and myself. It's easy and the customer foot traffic on the lot is phenomenal!"
Reg Willison - 1998 Toyota 4Runner
Sold Car

Sold Car"I sold my last car here many years ago. Thanks again for the help with the sale of my two Trucks."
Richard Jacobsen - 1995 Dodge Diesel P/U & 1984 GMC P/U

"I had several calls on my truck and it sold very fast. I plan to bring my next car here."
Clifford Pitts - 1993 GMC Yukon
Sold Car

Sold Car"I sold my truck right away. I am so happy with your service. It was everything you said it was going to be."
Barbara Nowak - 1998 Ford Explorer

"Great business, easy to sign up and show, we have very successful selling/buying cars experience, good service and easy paper work!"
Lin G.
Sold Car

Sold Car"Love it! I literally dropped off my Prius and didn't have to worry about anything until I got paid."
Scott M.

"Rick, Scott & Jesus take great care of me, and have over many years. With the recent sale of my 2005 Denali in just 3 weeks, this makes the 8th car I have sold at Private Party Cars. The Mill St. location provides great traffic, and they also place the vehicle on a number of websites, so your vehicle will get great exposure in the marketplace! They can also take care of the test drives for you! I have recommended PPC to both family & friends, who have also had a great experience. If you are thinking of selling, or buying a used vehicle, I would encourage you to give them a ring 775-323-4478"
Todd B.
Sold Car

Sold Car"I like the professional touch here at Private Party Cars."
Lesley Aluffi - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

"Over the past couple of years, I have sold five (5) vehicles through Private Party Cars - three pickups, a BMW SUV and a 5th Wheel trailer. I have always received good service from Rick and his employees. They let me know when there were people looking at the vehicles, kept them clean, helped with the paperwork on the sale and were there to help with the pricing and marketing of the vehicles. They made sure the vehicles were locked up when the lot was closed and a few times I had them take people on a test drive when I was not available. Because of their location, the vehicles are very visible to passing motorists and they were also advertised on many websites. I would like to thank them for all of their help and will definitely use them again in the future."
John J.
Sold Car

Sold Car"My car sold in five days! I am so happy with the service. I will be back soon."
Camille White - 1995 Ford Thunderbird

"You guys were great. Thanks for all of you help. I will be sure to recommend your service to all of my friends."
Gina Gildone - 2001 Ford Expedition
Sold Car

Sold Car"Private Party Cars offers more exposure than the newspaper or having to wait for someone to come to your home. I feel a lot more people see my car at your lot. I sold two cars successfully."
Robbie Crocco - 1992 Cadillac Eldorado

"I recently brought my truck to the Private Party Cars lot and had a great experience throughout. Not only did they assist in helping me set a realistic price, but the car was prominently displayed and sold in less than a week. They handled the test drives and I felt good about the entire experience. I will definitely be using this place again to sell and buy!"
Lin T.
Sold Car

Sold Car"My two sons and I have bought and sold more than 12 cars and trucks over the past 25 years at Private Party Cars. Rick, the owner, has been fair and honest to deal with each time. You pay a flat rate to "rent a space" to park your car or rv there. It is amazing how much foot traffic goes onto that lot. Buyers pay NO sales tax, and they deal directly with the seller of the car. It just couldn't be easier. If you really need to sell a vehicle, and are willing to price it fairly, you cannot get more exposure anywhere else for your money."
Reg W.

"I was offered $1,200 for my car at CarMax. I got $4,600 with Private Party Cars. I'm going to sell all my cars with them in the future. They were great to work with and I didn't have to worry about meeting people for test rides. I was able to sell my car in 3 weeks. It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend them."
Jeremy N Heather E.
Sold Car

Sold Car"The for sale by owner system works great. This is my 2nd Truck I have sold here @ Private Party Cars."
Bret Churchman - 1999 Ford Expedition

"I have sold 3 cars here. Now I always stop by to check out the cars for sale."
Bart Jackson - 1995 Ford P/U
Sold Car

Sold Car"The first time I sold a car at Private Party Cars in 1986 and now I just had the pleasure of selling my fourth car with Private Party Cars. I strayed away from PPC a few years ago to "save" money by trying to sell a car on the internet... Craigs list, eBay and so on. After being price gouged by every wheel and deal con-artist available, including local used car lot operators, let me tell you that I learned my lesson. Private Party Cars is the cleanest, most hazel free and safe way to sell a used car. The guys at PPC educated me on a fair market price as well as the proper way to stage the car. Then five days later I had a fair offer and the car was sold! THANK YOU PRIVATE PARTY CARS!!!"
Dave P.

"I am very happy my truck sold, and I will use this service again."
Scott Kandel - 1997 Ford P/U
Sold Car

Sold Car"I went to Private Party Cars to sell my vehicle and couldn't be happier! The process was smooth, and my car sold in 7 hours! I value my time, and this was so much better than dealing with other sites and having people coming to my residence to kick the tires. Rick and Scott were very helpful during the process. A+"

"I have bought and sold many cars here at Private Party Cars. I like being able to wander around the lot without being bothered by a dealership salesman."
Don Sieve - 2001 Lexus RX 300
Sold Car

Sold Car"I have both bought and sold multiple vehicles through Private Party Cars throughout the past 10-15 years. I started looking at the Private Party Car lot on Mill Street due to the fact that anyone who is willing to pay to put their vehicle on the lot must be serious at trying to sell it! Also, the lot allows for a safe environment (out of the weather) to handle the documents and transactions if needed! Sure beats all of the concerns of selling items online of who is coming to your home or meeting you at a parking lot or some other location around town! Rick, Jesus, and Scott are all very professional and courteous! Although this isn't a dealership lot where multiple sales associates are available to test drive vehicles and help with any questions or viewing of the many different vehicles on the lot, they do a really great job to try to assist in those areas! The vehicles for the most part are able to viewed by the thousands of general public who pass the lot everyday on both the freeway and the Mill Street corridor! That coupled with a website presence and word of mouth have helped me to be able to sell quite a few vehicles in short time frames. Usually the reason for a longer time frame of selling a vehicle in my experience is due to the type of vehicle, season of the year, if the car has been detailed or not and TIRES! You would not believe how fast someone will walk away if they see that they will have to invest in tires right away! There is a cost to put the vehicles on the lot, but considering the benefits I will gladly continue to utilize them in the future as needed!"
John D.

"I've sold several car here, if you price your car correctly, it sells!"
Steve L.
Sold Car

Sold Car"Let me tell you that I had a very expensive truck to sell and needed to have as much exposure as possible. Anyway Rick and Scott were extremely helpful and very professional in there approach to aiding me in selling my truck. Was on the there website in hours, sitting out on there front line with all the description and price that I wanted on it. By the wy they will figure out for you what the retail should be using the book the banks uses for value. A big help. Well my 2017 is gone and my 2018 is on the way and I can't be happier!"
Dave A.

"I have bought two cars and sold three on this lot and in all cases, my cars were gone in under two weeks! I like being able to wander around the lot without being bothered by a dealership salesman."
Mark Willison - 1990 Acura Legend
Sold Car

Sold Car"This is my 2nd Audi Quattro sold here. Both sold very fast. You guys are great. Thanks again."
Jeff Albert - 1999 Audi A4 Quattro

"This location is awesome, and the for sale by owner concept made for a pleasant experience."
Tom O'donahue - 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Sold Car

Sold Car"I sold my truck fast and everyone at Private Party Cars was very nice and helpful."
Linden Burns - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

"I sold my Dodge Viper in 6 days. Thanks again Private Party Cars."
Dr. Monibi - 2000 Dodge Viper
Sold Car

Sold Car"The whole process was effortless! This is the only way to sell your car. I highly recommend them."
Denise G.

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