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Private Party Cars has been cutting out the middleman since 1982! Below are a few of the thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers.

"This is my 4th car I have sold here. I recommend all of my friends here to Private Party Cars."
Bo Larson - 1996 Honda Accord

"I have bought and sold many cars here at Private Party Cars. I like being able to wander around the lot without being bothered by a dealership salesman."
Don Sieve - 2001 Lexus RX 300

"I sold my truck right away. I am so happy with your service. It was everything you said it was going to be."
Barbara Nowak - 1998 Ford Explorer

"This location is awesome, and the for sale by owner concept made for a pleasant experience."
Tom O'donahue - 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

"This is the second truck we have sold here and we are very happy with the service."
Bonnie Beck - 1997 Dodge P/U

"Private Party Cars was friendly and helpful and offered a great service for me."
Phil Goodrich - 1984 Dodge Van

"I have bought two cars and sold three on this lot and in all cases, my cars were gone in under two weeks! I like being able to wander around the lot without being bothered by a dealership salesman."
Mark Willison - 1990 Acura Legend

"Private Party Cars offers more exposure than the newspaper or having to wait for someone to come to your home. I feel a lot more people see my car at your lot. I sold two cars successfully."
Robbie Crocco - 1992 Cadillac Eldorado

"I am very happy my truck sold, and I will use this service again."
Scott Kandel - 1997 Ford P/U

"I sold my Ford Diesel here, and have bought a Jeep off this display lot. I make this a weekly stop just to check out the new cars."
Hal Rolf - 1991 Ford P/U

"I sold my truck fast and everyone at Private Party Cars was very nice and helpful."
Linden Burns - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

"This business is something I will tell my friends about. Thanks Private Party Cars."
Sylvia Arzonian - 1999 Honda Civic

"I am glad we used this service. I will use your service again."
Glen Bradburn - 1993 Ford Ranger

"I am glad for the referral to display my car on this lot. IT WORKS!"
Gunne Rostrup - 1996 Audi A6 Quattro

"I had several calls on my truck and it sold very fast. I plan to bring my next car here."
Clifford Pitts - 1993 GMC Yukon

"I like the professional touch here at Private Party Cars."
Lesley Aluffi - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

"I sold my last car here many years ago. Thanks again for the help with the sale of my two Trucks."
Richard Jacobsen - 1995 Dodge Diesel P/U & 1984 GMC P/U

"I sold my Dodge Viper in 6 days. Thanks again Private Party Cars."
Dr. Monibi - 2000 Dodge Viper

"As customers shopping for a car, we felt no pressure to come and look for a car on the lot. We felt very comfortable dealing with the owner. In fact, we made arrangements to leave our older car for display at Private Party Cars and it sold in 11 days."
Bruce & Jeanie Hendrix - 1994 Chevrolet Suburban

"I have sold 3 cars here. Now I always stop by to check out the cars for sale."
Bart Jackson - 1995 Ford P/U

"I bought this Nissan here and now just sold it here. That makes 3 vehicles I have sold here."
Carole Hess - 1987 Nissan Pathfinder

"My car sold in five days! I am so happy with the service. I will be back soon."
Camille White - 1995 Ford Thunderbird

"This is my 2nd Audi Quattro sold here. Both sold very fast. You guys are great. Thanks again."
Jeff Albert - 1999 Audi A4 Quattro

"You guys were great. Thanks for all of you help. I will be sure to recommend your service to all of my friends."
Gina Gildone - 2001 Ford Expedition

"I'm a car nut! I have bought and sold over 12 vehicles @ Private Party Cars for my sons and myself. It's easy and the customer foot traffic on the lot is phenomenal!"
Reg Willison - 1998 Toyota 4Runner

"I sold my Toyota Solara in 5 days. I sold it fast and the process was enjoyable."
Susan Anderson - 2002 Toyota Solara

"The for sale by owner system works great. This is my 2nd Truck I have sold here @ Private Party Cars."
Bret Churchman - 1999 Ford Expedition

"Thanks for a pleasant experience! I will send my friends here!"
John Price - 1996 Dodge Dakota

"I tried the newspaper with not one call. I brought it in here and sold it with in 9 days."
Kerry Schomer - 1995 Subaru Legacy

"I sold my truck in three days! I am very happy and will tell all of my friends."
Victor Nelson - 1992 Toyota P/U

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